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What We Do

  • Pre-selection of qualified and experienced Filipino professionals and workers of good moral character.
  • Evaluation of pre-selected workers through trade testing to determine their skills competence.
  • Medical, physical, dental and psychiatric examination of pre-selected workers to determine their fitness for the work required.
  • Facilitation of the foreign principal's visit to Manila by providing him with the facilities necessary for the convenience of his business in the Philippines, including an interview space in our designated area.
  • Processing of employment contract of workers selected by the foreign principal for the approval of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).
  • Coordination with airline specified by the foreign principal to transport selected workers to the overseas job site.
  • Orientation of selected workers on the customs, tradition, work habits and other important information regarding the country where they will be deployed.

   Flow Chart of the processes involved from Recruitment to Deployment


Required Documents Needed for Accreditation of New Employers

Some sample documents are shown below
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 Special Power of Attorney (SPA)  Manpower Request  Business License
 Certification From POLO Office  Standard Employment Contract  Recruitment Agreement
Electronic Visa (WAKALA)


1. Demand Letter/Job Order/Manpower Request indicating the position, the number    of required workers, and the basic salaries offered.
2. Special Power-of-Attorney issued by the Employer to the licensed Philippine    recruitment agency (or Recruitment Agreement or Service Agreement).

 3. Model or Master Employment Contract which stipulates, among others, the    minimum provisions of employment contracts of land-based workers (pls. submit actual    employment contract of your company/establishment, if there is any).

 4. Valid Business License/Commercial Registration Certificate or equivalent       document with official English translation.

 5. Copy of the block visa indicating the categories with the official English translation.

 6. For Drivers, Individual Employment Contracts and Comprehensive Insurance       Policy covering the vehicles, third party liability, and personal accident benefits of    drivers (The insurance policy should be in English).

 7. Copy of I.D. or passport of the Employer or the signatory.

 8. Location Sketch of the Company and the workers accommodation.

 9. Current number of Filipino workers in the company (if there are any) in an official    letter.

 10. Two (2) sets duplicate copies of all above-mentioned documents.