Our Company Profile

GLOBAL EXPERTISE MANAGEMENT, INC. is one of Philippine's most reliable and fastest-growingoffice manpower recruitment agencies. We believe that career fulfillment and business development need not be expensive and offer the best possible services for our clients' satisfaction with marginal costs, helping Filipino workers realize their dreams by giving them great opportunities.
Our Vision
We envision a future where we see ourselves as being a part of the successful upliftment of the Filipino economic status through being a top-notch consultancy and contract recruitment company, with a strong global presence.

Our Mission
To be one of the leading international recruitment agencies in the whole Philippines, providing 100% satisfaction for our clients in supplying high-caliber, hardworking and trustworthy workers in all officecategories.
 We will strive to offer utmost services for both employers and workers alike, at the same time obeying the implemented rules and regulations of concerned government agencies pertaining to deployment of workers.
We also strive to provide training, seminars and orientation in order to enhance the skills and knowledge of our staff, particularly in the field of recruitment.
 We are proud of playing a part -in our own small way- in helping to alleviate the problem of unemployment in our country. To this end, we have a large pool of job applicants that we place in a variety of positions that require stability, efficiency, expertise and perseverance.

Our People
Highly motivated and with a strong loyalty and commitment to the goals of our company, we have a strong workforce that has a good grasp of excellent interpersonal and technical skills to handle the most intricate demands of our industry.
The recruitment processes, all the way through to the deployment processes, involve a lot of interactions between us, our employers and our applicants, and we are confident that our service-oriented personnel can handle every nuance in this sometimes complicated process. Which they have done time and time again.

Meet Our Team

Froserphina L.Calanog
President/ General Manager
Ali El Hassan Abdelgadir
Adela P. Gould
Corp. Secretary
Judith V. Rodriguez
Operations Manager
Janet F. Faalam
Project Officer
Vanesa N. Robles
Project Officer
Nenita D. Santos
Liaison Officer
Anna Mae Semolava
Liaison Officer
Albert P. Ignacio
Field Officer
Jasmin E. Candeluna

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